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    We encourage everyone to explore the outdoors. With FlowTreks, you gain a personalized support system to help every step of the way, wherever those steps may take you.
     We work with you to design a fitness program with periodic outdoor challenges. This is a program free of boxes or rules, that evolves with you. Our approach encourages you to tune into your body and adapt with each step forward, helping you conquer your own mountains whether in life, or sport.

Nutrition guidelines:

Early in your program we’ll discuss macronutrients (carbs / fats / proteins) and piece together adaptable guidelines for your journeys based on your active and resting metabolic rates.

Newsletter Subscription -

+ Recieve upcoming information on FlowTreks



Online Fundamentals -

+  Access to Treks (DC/Baltimore)
+  Monthly Skype/Facetime updates
+  Monthly Fitness programming
+  Nutrition Guidance
+  Outing Preparations



Online Complete -

Access to Treks (DC/Baltimore)
Nutrition Guidance
Outing Preparations

+  Two Skype/Facetime Sessions Weekly
+  Weekly Fitness programming




Private Training -

+ Available in the DC/Baltimore area

1-5 hours Skype/Facetime
Weekly Fitness programming

Access to Treks (DC/Baltimore)
Nutrition Guidance
Outing Preparations



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